Novolipetsk Steel is one of the world’s largest steel companies. NLMK is a full metallurgical cycle company that produces pig iron, slabs, cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, dynamic, transformational and polymer coated steel. The company supplies more than 70 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The NLMK Group produces 17% of Russian steel.
RUSAL is the world leader in the aluminum industry. The global market share of aluminum and alumina production is about 10% each. The company employs about 76,000 people. RUSAL sells its products in 19 countries on five continents. The main markets are Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea.
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works OJSC (MMK) holds a 20% share of the domestic steel production market of the Russian Federation. The company is a large steel producing complex encompassing the entire production chain, from preparation of iron ore to downstream processing of rolled steel. MMK exports a significant part of its products to various countries around the world.
SUEK is a leading Russian fuel and energy company, the largest in the country and one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of coal. In the near future it may become one of the key suppliers of electricity. The company markets about 30% of steam coal in the country. SUEK is the only Russian coal company in the top ten of the world coal market.
Severstal is the second largest domestic steel company and is the flagship company of the steel division of the “Severstal Group” holding. A third of Severstal’s metal facilities are located outside of Russia.
Tulachermet is one of the leading metal companies in Russia and the country's largest exporter of commercial iron. The company’s production facilities are capable of producing over 2 million tons of metal per year. The consumers of the pig iron produced by the company are CIS states as well as metall and engineering companies in Western Europe, America and Asia. It has a market share of about 40% of total pig iron sales globally.
BLG Logistics Group automobile logistics offers a wide range of new and second hand car logistics services. Its logistics network includes ports and car terminals (including Bremerhaven, one of the largest in Europe, with more than 2 million vehicles per year) in key strategic locations along cargo routes. Its fleet contains about 450 car carriers and 7 barges.
Mets?liitto is the eighth largest forest industry group in the world. The commercial activities of the group are carried out in the following areas: Wood Supply, Wood Products, Pulp, Board and Paper, and Tissue and Cooking Papers. Mets?liitto owns factories and sales offices in 30 countries.
Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food and agricultural products and services. It has offices in 67 countries; the company's products are delivered to 6000 ports worldwide. Cargill is one of the leading foreign investors in Russia, having invested more than $500 million in the development of the agriculture and food industry.
Ammophos is the leader of the chemical industry in Russia and one of the world's largest producers of phosphate fertilizers. Ammophos is part of PhosAgro, a large vertically-integrated organization with the full production cycle of phosphorus fertilizers, from the production of phosphate raw materials to finished products (fertilizers, feed phosphates, phosphoric acid).
Volskcement is one of the giants of the Russian building materials industry. Its production capacity exceeds 2.5 million tons of cement per year. Having a unique access to natural raw materials, the company occupies a leading position among Russian producers of sulfate and well cements.
Khimprom is one of the largest organizations in Russia’s chemical industry. Its main production areas include: inorganic products, organochlorine products, organophosphorus products, organosilicon products, production of household chemical goods, highly efficient herbicides and insecticides, production of polyether polyols and components for the production of rigid polyurethane foams.
PhosAgro is a vertically integrated structure encompassing the entire production cycle of phosphate fertilizers, from the extraction of phosphate raw materials to the finished product (fertilizers, feed phosphates, phosphoric acid etc.). PhosAgro ranks first in Europe and second in the world by its production of concentrated phosphate fertilizers. In terms of volume, PhosAgro is the leader of phosphate fertilizer shipments to Russia’s domestic market.
Silvinit is the largest Russian mining-industrial complex producing potash fertilizers and various salts. The company is operating the Verkhnekamsky deposit of potassium and magnesium salts - the only such deposit in Russia, and the second largest deposit in the world, which holds a total of 3.8 billion tons of ore. Silvinit is supplying potash fertilizers to all regions of Russia and is also exporting to 40 countries. Silvinit produces 50% of magnesium metal in the country.
TogliattiAzot is one of the largest chemical companies in Russia, recognized as an industry leader on the domestic market and abroad. Over the past two decades the company has been actively developing by putting into operation new production lines and building new plants for the production of building materials, furniture, glass fiber products etc.
Azot is among one of the largest Russian producers of ammonia and ammonia-based nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and urea). Azot is the only Russian manufacturer of higher aliphatic amines, potassium and sodium nitrate as well as sodium nitrite crystalline.
SIBUR-Holding is the leader of petrochemistry in Russia and Eastern Europe. The Company operates across the entire petrochemical process chain from gas processing to the production of monomers and plastics, rubbers, mineral fertilizers, tires and industrial rubber items, as well as the processing of plastics. SIBUR is a vertically integrated company that provides its own raw materials to petrochemical production sites through its gas processing petrochemical plants. It produces over 2000 different brands of products. The Company processes more than half of APG and produces 23% of propylene, 23% of polypropylene, 17% of polyethylene, from 30 to 49% of different rubbers, 34% of tires, 16% of nitrogen fertilizers, and a considerable part of other petrochemical products in the Russian market.
Gazpromexport is the world's largest exporter of natural gas and supplies it to Europe and the CIS countries. The company exports gas condensate, oil, oil products, LPG and other petrochemical products; optimizes export flows, forecasts market dynamics, and is the guarantor of JSC Gazprom for the majority of investment projects. Long-term contracts of Gazpromexport serve as loan collaterals to finance programs for the reconstruction and development of natural gas export networks of the Russian Federation.
The Federal Agency of Sea and River Transportation is a federal executive authority which provides government services on state property management, as well as law enforcement functions in the maritime and river transportation sectors, including marine fishing ports, in order to develop the transport sector. The priorities for the Federal Agency include: the development of a modern and efficient infrastructure of maritime and inland waterways transportation, the accessibility, size and competitiveness of maritime and inland waterways transportation in relation to the required levels of innovative development of the country’s economy, integration into the global transport industry and the realization of Russia’s transit potential, and improving navigation safety in ports on inland waterways.
Damen Shipyards Bergum specializes in the construction of sea cargo vessels, oil tankers, large tugs and offshore drilling platforms supply vessels. Since 1985, the company has built a series of dry cargo vessels, such as Damen Combi Coaster and Damen Combi Freighters.
OMS Shipping is engaged in sea cargo transportation, developing its own modern fleet for marine support operations and providing fleet support services in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.
Rossudoservice has been supplying equipment for vessels, ports, industries, and equipment used in small power engineering for the past 15 years. The company operates both on the domestic Russian market, delivering products of various domestic and foreign manufacturers, and outside of Russia, working closely with foreign companies that operate a variety of domestic and foreign production equipment.
Van West Holland BV (the Netherlands) is a supplier of spare parts for sea vessel diesel engines worldwide. The company has extensive sea links with major European ports, as well as the worldwide possibility to deliver goods by road and air transport. The main products of the company are spare parts for two-stroke marine diesel engines with cylinders of large diameter (trunk lid and pistons, exhaust valves, caps and cylinder liner). The entire product range is produced by recognized Russian manufacturing plants.


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