Social Responsibility

Social partnership

The holding’s social partnership policy is aimed at aligning the interests of an employee with those of the employer. We help our employees to lead a full life, to receive new knowledge and to realize their ideas, while expecting from them a high level of commitment and a conscientious highly efficient level of work. We are convinced that only through constant development, a healthy work environment and fair remuneration, can the employees be motivated to work in the most efficient way.

Salaries paid by companies of the holding exceed the industry average salaries and the market average salaries in the regions of the holding’s presence.

We believe that by ensuring that our employees are well remunerated for their work as well as by helping them to create comfortable conditions for themselves and their families, UCL Holding contributes to improving the quality of life in our country as a whole. We feel responsible for the welfare of the people whose work contributes in any way to the development and prosperity of the holding. Therefore, the main objectives of the social programs of the holding and its companies are:

  • Providing financial assistance to employees, including single mothers and families with multiple children;
  • Social and financial assistance to veterans and retired workers;
  • Voluntary health insurance for the employees, their children and retired workers;
  • Health resort treatment for the employees and summer holiday arrangements for their children;
  • Holding of sports, celebratory and anniversary events for the employees and their families.

When implementing charitable programs and projects, UCL Holding aims to provide targeted assistance and transparency in the use of funds. We have defined the following charitable activity priority areas:

  • Helping sick and deprived children;
  • Assistance to medical, educational and recreational child care institutions;
  • Social assistance and rehabilitation of disabled people and people with disabilities;
  • Promoting physical culture and a healthy lifestyle;
  • Help in organizing and holding of sports competitions.

In addition, the holding’s companies cooperate with local authorities in the regions of their presence by participating in various socially-oriented programs.


HR policy

We seek to unlock the potential of every specialist working for us, for the benefit of the holding company and the employees themselves. Our policy of personnel management, based on an objective assessment of the results achieved and the unconditional respect for the individual, allows us to develop the skills of talented newcomers and find new interesting challenges for the professionals.

When working with the human resources, the holding adheres to five basic principles:

  • To ensure, or better still, to improve the employee productivity and the efficiency of use of the working time.
  • When imposing stringent requirements for employees, to maintain the same high level of professionalism in relation to them, regardless of their social status.
  • In any situation, to put respect for the individual at the forefront and to recognize the employees’ right to freely express their views during the discussion of matters of official business.
  • To maintain a high level of personnel discipline and ensure unconditional compliance with management decisions.
  • When making any decision or implementing any new procedures strictly follow the applicable law.




Corporate training

Highly qualified staff is a prerequisite for the success of any company. That is why we welcome the commitment of our employees to self-education and help them to improve their skills.

The holding company formed a personnel reserve, which helps us to prepare our own qualified specialists and managers. Once a year, we build up our personnel reserve composed of the most successful high-potential employees who are ready for further development. Senior students who successfully complete their practical training at any enterprises of the holding may also become part the reserve.

In addition, we have created a Corporate Distance Learning Center (, which is based on proven teaching methods and modern information technologies. The center is engaged in advanced training of employees of the holding (including, inter alia, the personnel reserve), and the implementation of industry best practices at its enterprises.

The holding cooperates with various educational institutions for targeted training programs, but we are ready to provide assistance to those who want to undergo an individual training program or internship.




UCL Holding is an international group of companies employing over 17 thousand people. The personnel of the holding is its main driving force in achieving the strategic objectives, and the most important part of its capital.

We are interested in attracting experienced professionals and talented young specialists who want to develop themselves and help to develop the holding.

Working at the UCL Holding provides ample opportunities for self-realization, an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect, as well as a decent remuneration. Salaries paid by the companies of the holding exceed the market average salaries in the regions of the holding’s presence.



Contact details of the Human Resources department

More information on employment opportunities can be obtained from the specialists of the Human Resources Administration of the Holding.

Please send your CV by fax +7 (495) 933 0605 or by e-mail to:

We guarantee confidentiality when processing personal data.


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