Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg
5 Mezhevoy kanal, 198035 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 714-9927
Largest operator in the Greater Port of Saint-Petersburg
6.9 mln t of cargoes handled in 2017
31 berths with 5.3 km length to 11 m depth
39 gantry cranes with lifting capacity to 40 t
All types of dry cargoes as well as project, heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargoes


Vessels with the deadweight up to 40 th. tons and length up to 294 m are handled at terminals of OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg”.


  • Bulk carriers
  • Cargo-and-passenger vessels
  • Refrigerated cargo vessels
  • Universal vessels
  • Ro-Ro vessels
  • Lo-Ro vessel

The company is serviced by railway stations: “New Port” of the Oktyabrskaya railway.


  • 31 berths with the total length of 5.8 km and depths of up to 11 m
  • 39 gantry cranes with a hoisting capacity of up to 40 t, including 
  • a “Bogatyr” floating crane with a hoisting capacity of 300 t 
  • 2 Liebherr mobile derrick cranes with the hoisting capacity of up to 140 t
  • 2 Mantsinen 200ES cranes capacity of 32.2 t
  • 200 different intra-port support vehicles with an average hoisting capacity of up to 45 tons

The total surface area of the company’s storage areas is 458.2 th. m2, including 412.2 th. m2 of outdoor warehouses and 46 th. m2 of roofed warehouses.

JSC "Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg" provides specialized services on handling of following types of cargoes:

Ferrous metals:slabs,rolls,reinforcement bars,sheets,shaped steel,billets.
Scrap metal.Non-ferrous metals:T-bars,wire,slabs,rods,bundles.Handling of metals is carried out without dedication to specific berths or infrastructure.

100 th. m2 - the total area of open storage for accumulation of shipload lots.
15,4 th. m2 - the total area of indoor storage for accumulation of shipload lots.

Handling of 45-,40-and 20-foot dry,refrigerated and tank containers with cargoes of all classes of hazard (excluding oil producrs).
Additional services include:stuffing,stripping,repacking of container cargoes,acceptance,handling,forming of container trains,pre-voyage preparation of containers.
1,7 th. TEUs storage capaciti.
8,6 th. m2 warehouse area.

Pellets are handled both in big-bags and containers with further discharging into the bulk ship"s hold.
20 th. m2  - the total area of indoor storage for accumulation of shipload lots.

Handling of fertilizers both in big-bags and via dedicated chemicals handling facility with the use of specialized containers.
2 th.tons per day - loading rate for big-bags.
4 th.tons per day - loading rate via dedicated chemicals handling facility.

Handling of cars

50 th. m2  - total area of the facility.
1.9 th. cars - storage capacity.



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