Taganrog Sea Commercial Port
2, Komsomolsky spusk, Taganrog, Russia, 347900
Tel.: +7 (8634) 319-566


The terminals of OJSC “Taganrog Sea Commercial Port” handle vessels with a deadweight of up to 10 th. tons, a length of up to 145 m and with a draft of up to 4.7 m.



  • 7 berths with a total length of 1143 m and depth of up to 5 m
  • 15 gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 to 63 tons, including
    • 2 bridge cranes
  • 16 frontal bucket and fork-lift loaders and tow vehicles with a capacity 1.5 to 37 tons
  • The total surface area of the company’s warehouses: 52 th. sq.m., including 7 th. sq.m. of roofed warehouses.
  • 1 tugboat with a horsepower rating of 1200 for towing and mooring operations
  • 2 icebreakers (an in-port icebreaker and a navigation support icebreaker) to ensure year-round navigation of vessels 


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