Freight One
ul. Staraya Basmannaya, d. 12, str. 1, Moscow, Russia, 105064
Tel.:+7 (495) 663-01-01
The largest private railway freight operator in the world
5 th. consignors as customers
80% of the Freight One’s client portfolio are largest Russian industrial and mining companies
About 158 th. cars
43.7 th. tank cars
79.2 th. gondola cars
10.4 th. cement hoppers
3.3 th. mineral hoppers
16.1 th. box cars
6.3 th. platforms
0.3 th. rolling stock of other types
Cargo transportation across Russian railways and internationally within the 1520 gauge
14 branches in Russia, subsidiaries and joint ventures abroad


Freight One’s car fleet

  • 5% thousand tank cars
  • 55% gondola cars
  • 5% cement cars
  • 15% box cars
  • 5% platforms
  • 3% rolling stock of other types

A total of 115.7 thousand cars.



Cargo transportation

Freight One provides cargo transportation across the network of Russian railways and to international destinations within the 1520 gauge railway system. The company meets the cargo transportation needs of the largest companies in the segments of exploration and production of oil and gas, metals, coal and other industries.

Full range of services for the transportation of goods using its own rolling stock:

  • around-the-clock dispatcher control,
  • marketing and legal support,
  • consulting services for transportation and drafting of documents.

Freight forwarding

Freight One offers a wide range of modern transport solutions for rail and multimodal transport of goods in Russia, CIS and other countries within the 1520 gauge system.

Railway transportation in Russia

  • Interaction with the Corporate Transportation Service of the Russian Railways: approval of GU-12 transportation requests;
  • Dispatcher control at all stages of the service;
  • Payment of railway tariffs;
  • Commencement and completion operations;
  • Development of logistic schemes;
  • Development of loading schemes;
  • Providing services as consignor.

Organizing cargo delivery from China without intermediaries

  • Ability to organize deliveries with varying degrees of responsibility for transport costs between seller and buyer (on any basis: FCA, CPT, EXW, DDP);
  • Delivery under a customer contract or under a contract with our partners in Shanghai: Paradise;
  • Control at all stages of delivery (including during the inspection at the border with China, transshipment and loading operations when dispatching goods inside China);
  • Photo reports at all stages of loading and unloading;
  • Organizing dispatching support at all stages, including in China;
  • Customs support;
  • Special conditions for the transport of refractory products and equipment;
  • Organizing transportation of oversized and overweight cargo items by rail (on platforms and in gondolas).

International transit

  • Freight forwarding for transit operations through the territory of Russia and third countries.
  • Payment of railway tariffs for the whole route.
  • Supervision of border control formalities when crossing the Russian Federation border for transit operations.
  • Preparing tanks for the transportation of oil cargoes.
  • Assistance in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of rolling stock.

Logistics solutions

  • Forming direct exit routes for loaded and empty cars after unloading at stations of OJSC "Russian Railways" and foreign railway administrations.
  • Development of transport corridors.
  • Organizing ferry transportation: Caucasus ferry (exp.) - Crimea, Istanbul (Turkey); Poti (Georgia), Varna (Bulgaria); Baku (Azerbaijan) - Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan), Aktau (Kazakhstan); Ust-Luga -Zasnits (Germany).
  • Special offers for the supply of crushed stone from the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

 Industrial logistics

The "Industrial logistics" service allows manufacturers to reduce the cost of transportation of products and also to reduce the costs of maintaining their own railway division.

The service is designed specifically for industrial enterprises and consists in outsourcing transport logistics functions in the territory of clients’ industrial sites to Freight One.

Freight One’s service was successfully tested at the sites of the largest metal holding of the country, the NLMK Group of Companies, and was proved highly effective in practice.

Washing and steaming stations

We offer to companies managing rolling stock the services of car repairs and preparation of tanks owned by third parties.

Tanks are prepared at 7 railcar washing and steaming stations of Freight One, which are situated at key railway transport junctions in Russia. All the washing and steaming stations are owned by the Company since June 2009 and have all the necessary licenses to operate.

Cars of third party owners are repaired at the premises of JSC “Wagon depot “Gryazi”. “Wagon depot “Gryazi” is located in the town of Gryazi, Lipetsk region, and specializes in maintenance and major repairs of freight cars of different types (gondola cars, platforms, hoppers, cement hoppers).

The depot was under common control with JSC "Russian Railways" since 2010. In 2014, Freight One increased its share in “Wagon depot “Gryazi” to 100%.




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