V.F. Tanker
5-а, Gordeevskaya st., N.Novgorod, Russia, 603116
Tel.: +7 (831) 277?0011
The shipping company “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. specializes in transporting liquid bulk cargoes by domestic and international water routes
Сargo volume in 2017: 3.2 mln tons
31 oil tankers of river-sea type
62 vessels with total deadweight more than 300 th. t
9 vessels of «Volga-Flot» type
7 «tug + 2 barges» trains
Transporting of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline, food and industrial oils and IMOII Class chemical goods


 “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. has 79 vessels with a total deadweight of 320,950 tons under its operational control.

Company’s fleet by vessel type:

  • 22 project RST27 tankers (“V.F.TANKER”) with a total deadweight of 154,536 tons;
  • 8 19614 project tankers with a total deadweight of 44,320 tons;
  • 9 “Volga-Flot” type tankers (project 05074Т) with a total deadweight of 44,991 tons;
  • 1 tanker (project RST54) with deadweight of 5,700 tons;
  • 14 “VFT” type oil tank barges (project R156ST) with a total deadweight of 57,870 tons;
  • 2 “Volzhskaya” type oil tank barges (project 05074VFT) with a total deadweight of 10,400 tons;
  • 4 tugboats/pushboats (projects Н3291, 3290, 428.1);
  • 1 “NPS-2026” oil pumping station (project 5585);
  • 1 “PM-1011” floating workshop (project R81M).



The core of the fleet operated by “V.F. Tanker” is formed by a series of new generation self-propelled vessels.

Project 19614: river-sea class tankers, placed into the fifth (the highest) category of vessels by their engine power. By overall dimensions, these tankers are the biggest Russian river vessels. Since 2011, 8 vessels under this project have been put into operation.

Project RST27: a universal mixed river-sea navigation vessel created under an individual project. This “Volgo-Don max” class tanker features an increased deadweight and a higher hull strength. The overall dimensions of the project meet the requirements of the Volga-Don Ship Canal and the Volga-Baltic Waterway. Since May 2012, 22 tankers under this project have been put into operation. 

Project RST54 is a one-of-a-kind platform tanker capable of carrying both oil products and dry (general, bulk) cargoes. We have been developing our fleet with due regard to the needs of our partners and can build new vessels for long-term contracts, in accordance with the cargo owners’ requirements and objectives.


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