V.F. Tanker
5-а, Gordeevskaya st., N.Novgorod, Russia, 603116
Tel.: +7 (831) 277?0011
The shipping company “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. specializes in transporting liquid bulk cargoes by domestic and international water routes
Сargo volume in 2017: 3.2 mln tons
31 oil tankers of river-sea type
62 vessels with total deadweight more than 300 th. t
9 vessels of «Volga-Flot» type
7 «tug + 2 barges» trains
Transporting of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline, food and industrial oils and IMOII Class chemical goods


On 11 May 2018, the Board of Directors of AO Volga Shipping Company approved the agenda of the annual general meeting of shareholders.
V.F. Tanker Ltd. (part of UCL Holding) has been announced the winner in the Industry Leader competition held by the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport in the nominated category “Best Shipping Company” among Russian cargo carriers engaged in overseas transportation of liquid bulk cargoes.
In 2016, the ships operated by V.F. Tanker (part of UCL Holding) have carried 3.5 mln tons of cargo. During the accounting period the average shipping distance was reduced, which resulted in retention of the company’s cargo turnover at the level of 2015 amounting to 4.5 bln t/km.
The total volume of the cargo carried by V.F. Tanker during the navigation period of the year 2016 — from April till November — has made 2.9 mln ton. Of them 2.5 mln ton (21% growth as compared to the 2015 figure for the same period) were delivered by the inland waterways of the Russian Unified Deep Water System.
A 3,188 ton batch of crude glycerin has been delivered from Spain to Russia.



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