V.F. Tanker
5-а, Gordeevskaya st., N.Novgorod, Russia, 603116
Tel.: +7 (831) 277?0011
The shipping company “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. specializes in transporting liquid bulk cargoes by domestic and international water routes
Сargo volume in 2017: 3.2 mln tons
31 oil tankers of river-sea type
62 vessels with total deadweight more than 300 th. t
9 vessels of «Volga-Flot» type
7 «tug + 2 barges» trains
Transporting of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline, food and industrial oils and IMOII Class chemical goods


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Shipping Company V.F. Tanker provides inland transportation of various oil products from river terminals of European Russia to transit locations north- (Saint-Petersburg, Vysotsk) and southward (Kerch, Caucasus).

Oil products are carried in direct traffic (without cargo transshipment en route) and in direct mixed traffic (cargo transshipment en route).

Cargo is transshipped from inland vessels to mixed navigation (river-sea) vessels at the Yaroslavl and Rybinsk tank farms, and on the roads in Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don using the NPS-2026 oil pumping station and the company’s tanker fleet.

Тhe versatile platform tankers RST54, oriented for execution of complex logistics schemes with carriage of dry cargo in reverse direction after delivering of liquid cargo, performs delivery of dry cargoes on internal waterways of European part of Russia.


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Оil tankers RST27&19614 carry bulk cargoes (crude oil, petroleum products, edible oils) from Russian and foreign ports by direct consignments to 7000 tons.

The transportation geography of mixed river-sea navigation tankers covers the seaports of Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Caspian.

The transportations by international routes are provided all year round.


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